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Did Jennifer Lopez Use Botox Injections To Stay Young?

J.Lo has managed to stay in the spotlight throughout her entire career — aging hasn’t slowed this queen down one bit. I mean, have you seen “Hustlers?” At 51 years old today, looks exactly the same as she did in the 80s, and it has people wondering — has this star gotten any nips or tucks over the course of her career? An Instagram post is what’s started this whole rumor mill, and we’re here to get to the bottom of it.

Seriously — just look back to the two decade old Grammy appearance in “that” infamous Versace dress and now look at her two decades later in the same exact dress, looking just as perfect. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. 

Jennifer Lopez has denied any plastic surgery rumors that arise, but so have a lot of Hollywood members who don’t feel comfortable speaking out about the work they’ve had done. The changes don’t seem too dramatic, but we do have to ask: has this flawless mother of twins used botox injections or. gone under the knife to stay young forever?

Botox is a form of injections for cosmetic appearances, filled with the Botulinum toxin. That toxin relaxes your facial muscles and smoothes lines and wrinkles.

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