Shocking Facts We Learned From Meg And Harry’s Oprah Interview


In a groundbreaking two-hour interview between Harry and Meghan, the reputation of the royal family has been completely flipped on its head. In it, these ex-royals told Oprah the harrowing experiences they had to go through when “Suits” star Meghan Markle entered Buckingham Palace.  Most of these devastating and scandalous secrets left our jaws dropped — here are the most shocking ones so far. 

1. Harry revealed that when they were in Canada, Prince Charles stopped taking his calls. He explained that at a time when he was “desperate” he had two conversations with his father before Charles stopped taking his calls. 

2. Harry and Meg weren’t actually married at that breathtaking ceremony that we saw around the world. They were married in their backyard with their own written vows, and it was officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. 

3. During Meghan’s pregnancy, the royal family was concerned about the color of baby Archie’s skin, and how dark he would end up being. Meghan and Harry refused to divulge who in fact said this, which made us wonder even more.


4. They revealed that in Britain, the press controls all. And the press stays in the royals’ good graces through an exchange of privileges and benefits. We learned all about their biases when Oprah showed headlines side by side about Kate and Meg’s baby bumps. Kate received praise, while Meg received unkind judgment.

5. The reason behind Meghan’s mental health struggles was due to facing racism and being harassed endlessly by the press. Additionally, she was completely isolated in the Palace, being forced to hide away her issues, and at some times, not even allowed to leave.

6. Harry states that when he came from work every day after Archie was born, he would arrive to discover Meghan crying while she was breastfeeding their son.

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