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10 Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

Many celebrities do everything that they can to hide the fact that they’ve gotten plastic surgery. But we all know that the fountain of youth isn’t eternal, and that the majority of these stars have gone under either the needle or the knife — or both. Although unrealistic beauty standards are a bummer, there’s no shame in getting plastic surgery to gain confidence. After all, for many of these stars, their faces and bodies are a major part of their livelihood. Here are the top celebs who have admitted to going under the knife. 

1. Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford doesn’t look like a plastic surgery addicted star, but the supermodel has been open about getting Botox. She said that as age naturally comes, cream might help your skin’s texture, but for better elasticity, sometimes you need “vitamin injections, botox, and collagen.” She said that though she hydrates, the quality of her skin is thanks to her cosmetic surgeon.

2. Tyra Banks

Tyra was stunning to start with, but the fact that she’s honest about her work done in the past speaks to her [power as a role model. In an interview with People Magazine, she admitted to getting her nose done and said she feels a “responsibility to tell the truth.”

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