11 Celeb Marriages That Fell Apart At Warp Speed


Marriage is a big step for anyone, whether you’re a celeb or the average person. But for stars who live a fast life, they can make impulsive decisions that don’t exactly have the long-term in mind. The combination of hectic schedules, endless temptations, and fairytale dates are a formula for disaster, and this chaotic lifestyle can lead celebs to latch themselves onto whatever feels grounding at the moment. But there are lots of proof that shotgun weddings won’t last far into the future — just look at these celebrities who were only married for hours, weeks, or months. 

1. Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike

Nicolas Cage has been married more times than we can count, and unfortunately, not too many of them have had a long shelf life. After all, he did stay married to Elvis Presley’s daughter for four months. In March 2019, he got married to makeup artist Erika Koike, and then filed for annulment four days later. Evidently, his bride didn’t reveal her criminal history or legal troubles, and Cage called the marriage a “fraud.”

2. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander

This goes to show that even if you were friends in childhood, it might not pan out into a lifelong romance. Alexander got an invitation from Spears to fly to Vegas on a jet, and they got married 11 hours after, wearing jeans and casual outfits. When they told their family, drama ensues, and they then appeared for an annulment. 

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