11 Celeb Marriages That Fell Apart At Warp Speed


3. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

This couple’s relationship was filled with drama — it was a classic tabloid, whirlwind romance that culminated with the two getting married in Vegas. Only a year later, they divorced, but apparently Dennis tried to break it off just 7 days after they wed.  It’s insane how couples can date for months but as soon as marriage is put on the table, everything changes.

4. Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

Lopez got married to his girlfriend of six years, Ali Landry, back in 2004. Then, just 14 days later, she filed for divorce, because she discovered he had been cheating on her for a while but didn’t find out until after their nuptials were already done. She got random calls from girls and to this day he still denies it! Ali is a total 10 and we’re happy that she’s moved on to a healthier relationship nowadays, with Alejandro Monteverde. 

5. Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds

We’ll never know what went on between Eddie Murphy and this TV producer when they got hitched in 2008. The two got married on a private island near Bora Bora in front of loved ones, but after two weeks of realizing they definitely weren’t soulmates, they split up. 


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