How To Get Skinny In A Week: 12 Simple Everyday Tips


Getting skinny in a week isn’t a realistic long-term goal. However, looking slimmer and cutting an inch or two with some healthy daily habits is totally possible. To look skinnier by the end of the week, add these tiny tips into your routine, for a big difference.

1. Drink more water

Sometimes, we think we’re hungry, but we’re really just thirsty. Some people even think that you need 64 ounces of water daily. Drink a glass of water before determining how hungry you really are. Water has no calories, so you can count on a slimmer tummy if you keep this habit up.

2. Don’t eat late at night

Nibbling on some cheese and bread or ice cream late at night isn’t unheard of. But it might be the reason that your body is holding onto those love handles. When you eat late at night, your body stores that food, rather than burning it off, which leads to weight gain. A light snack after dinner is fine – just don’t go at it buffet style before bed.

3. A light dinner

Mac and cheese for dinner sounds awesome, but it’ll give you a stomachache and make you feel bloated the whole next day. Instead, try to limit carb intake and instead have a huge salad (which can be very filling) with a fist sized carb, ideally with whole grains and not refined flour or sugar. Salmon or chicken with a kale caesar salad is our all time favorite.


4. Dance it out

If you hate exercising, make an amazing playlist of your fave songs to get groovy with. Maybe even turn on the music channels at home and get your cardio on with dance as you clean the house and complete other chores.

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