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How To Get Skinny In A Week: 12 Simple Everyday Tips

4. Dance it out

If you hate exercising, make an amazing playlist of your fave songs to get groovy with. Maybe even turn on the music channels at home and get your cardio on with dance as you clean the house and complete other chores.

5. Put down the booze

A glass of red one is one thing, but regularly drinking (especially sugary alcohols or cocktails) can make you feel gassy and bloated like nothing else. If you can cut down on the alcohol, you’ll see an immediate difference on the waistline.

6. Meditate in the morning or before bed

Stress is one of the major reasons we gain weight. To stay slim, stay stress-free! Stress often causes emotional eating, which creates a vicious cycle. Instead, try a relaxation technique such as meditation, which uses breathing and stillness to create a mindful and calm space.

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