Why is best time to open demat account


Do you want to open demat account? Demat account is an account where you can store your financial securities in electronic form.

If you want to trade in share Market you must have a demat account for that. Today we are going to give you top 10 reasons to open a free demat account Today.

Market is on a jerk

Due to again rise in corona virus cases increased US government securities bond yields the stock market is down buy 5% which is a good point to enter the market.
Also as the year is ending most of the funds are doing hedging.
This is just a short time opportunity and in coming time the market will grow a lot.

Increased Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign direct investment is one of the biggest reason that the market rise. As we know Foreign Direct investors also see alot of growing potential in India.
This will in long term increase the stock market incredibly.

Nifty will be 1 lakh soon

The biggest Bull of the market Rakesh Jhunjhunwala recently in said that it is very much possible that the Indian stock market will soon reach 1 lakh in nifty.
Nifty is at 15000, so you can think of the potential.

Low penetration stock market in India

In usa almost all individuals invest in the stock market that is in the newyork stock exchange.
But on a contrary in India is only 4% in india now you can understand the acutal potential of the stock market in India.

Now or never

Do you believe in India ? I know your answer is yes the it’s the correct time to invest because the economy of India will grow bigger and bigger.


  • This was or take on why invest now in Indian stock market.
  • A quick recap is here
    Market is on a jerk
  • Increased Foreign Direct Investment
  • Nifty will be 1 lakh soon
  • Low penetration stock market in India
    Now or never for investment

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