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Apple event – live: iOS 15 and more expected as company to reveal future of its devices



Apple is about to hold one of its biggest events of the year: the Worldwide Developers Conference.

The conference – and the keynote that kicks it off – serves as its annual reveal of all of the software updates it has been working on.

As such, there will be a new iOS 15 for the iPhone, updates for the Mac, and new features on the Watch. WWDC is unusual among Apple events in that every one of its software platforms gets an update of some kind, and that they are available to download for free.

But Apple is rumoured to be potentially bringing new products to buy, too. Rumours have suggested that new versions of the MacBook Pro could be on their way, including a more powerful version of the company’s already powerful M1 chip.

The event starts at 10am local pacific time, or 6pm in the UK. As with every Apple event over the last year, it will be held entirely virtually, with the keynote available to stream on Apple’s website.


WWDC comes at a divisive time for developers

This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference comes at a time when relations between Apple and its developers – big and small – are more frayed than they might ever have been.

That has now been going on for months, and has led to spectacles including Tim Cook giving evidence in a US court. Relations between the two companies – and others who are involved – do not appear to be getting any better.

Andrew Griffin7 June 2021 11:22


Andrew Griffin7 June 2021 11:16


What could be coming today?

We’ll get a load of software updates, of course, but what might they be? And what else?

Andrew Griffin7 June 2021 11:15


Hello and welcome

… to The Independent’s live coverage of WWDC 2021. We’ll have all the latest news, rumours, speculation – and everything else besides.

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