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MacOS Monterey: Apple launches new operating system for Mac



Apple has revealed MacOS Monterey, its new operating system for its Macs.

It includes many of the same features that have come to the iPhone and iPad, including new ways to watch films or listen to music with other people over FaceTime.

But there are separate features, too, including new tools that let a Mac and iPad talk to each other. Called “universal control”, the feature allows users to control their iPad with their Mac keyboard, or drag and drop files between the two.

Apple wil also bring the “AirPlay” feature to the Mac, so that users can broadcast video or music to their computer, from their iPhone or iPad.

The Shortcuts app – which began life as a third-party app but was bought by Apple and integrated into the system in 2018 – will also be coming to the Mac. That app is intended to make it simple to automate certain tasks.

The built-in browser, Safari, also gets its own redesign, much of which is focused around tabs. Apple recognised that people tend to be left with an array of open tabs that they are unable to pick through, and users will now be able to group and save them.

The new update was revealed as part of Apple’s WWDC event, during which it also showed off new versions of iOS, iPadOS, and WatchOS.

The relatively modest changes to MacOS – many of which were focused on how it works with other Apple devices – come after a major change that brought a significant visual redesign to the Mac last year.


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