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Zillow listing for $1m beach house built on sand goes viral: ‘Hopefully it also works as a boat’



A listing for a nearly $1m beachfront home has people horrified due to the house’s precarious location just feet from the ocean.

The three-bedroom home, which is listed on real estate website Zillow, is located in Scituate, Massachusetts, and is currently for sale for $929,999.

“Welcome to the Summer Wind beach house – nearly an acre of private ocean front property located between Egypt and Mann Hill Beach,” the listing reads. “From sunrise to sunset come enjoy this breathtakingly beautiful view of the ocean. Walk through the front door to panoramic views of the water or step on to your deck and feel that ocean breeze.”

However, on the Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild, the listing has left viewers terrified for any potential occupants, as it appears one strong wave would be enough to knock the house over.

“Not sure if this is scary or amazing,” the Instagram account dedicated to Zillow’s most interesting listings captioned photos of the home, which show it perched on wooden stilts built into the rocky beach.

The post prompted a range of amusing responses, with one person commenting: “Scary and/or amazing are pretty subjective. I would describe this house as ‘temporary.’”

Another person said: “Not sure but this doesn’t seem to be ideal.”

“This is sure to not be completely underwater in 50 years. What an investment,” someone else commented.

Others suggested that the home’s location is evidence that the builders did not believe in climate change and rising sea levels, with one person writing: “Tell me you’re a climate change denier without telling me.”

“Imagine the insurance cost,” someone else pointed out.

However, according to the listing, the two-story, open-floor plan home has managed to stay in place since it was built in 1979, with the Zillow description noting that it has been “tastefully renovated” and “has it all”.

“Don’t miss the opportunity to own the beach house of your dreams,” the description adds.

According to Zillow, the home has been on the website for 21 days, with the listing having been viewed more than 30,000 times already.

Those interested in purchasing the home, located at 14 Stanton Lane, are encouraged to contact FC Realty Group.


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