People From Famous Memes Look Then Vs. Now


Ah, memes. Philosophy in a photo, some say — and for many, an addiction! Certain faces just dominate the web for a period of time, but who really knows their stories? Surely the memeology has some grain of truth!

Meme Update: Distracted Boyfriend

One man looks back to check out another gal, and his girlfriend disapproves. A tale as old as time! One of the most viral memes of 2017, all kinds of captions transformed the scene into a metaphor. After all the laughs, who are the three youngsters in the photo?


Generic stock photos models, that’s who! The artist has been revealed, though: Photographer Antonio Guillem is the man behind the meme, accidentally. According to Antonio: “I never thought that one of my images would be this popular…we always have a really great work atmosphere and almost all the time one of the models was laughing while we were trying to take the picture.” So was the internet, for at least a year!

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