20 Animals Who Proved Clumsiness Is the Code of Cuteness


They can fall down from a small set of stairs, get stuck in a slipper, or fall into the pool — these accidents make our pets look even more adorable.

They’re like little kids who need some help and a small hug after a day of exploration. We at DesiHub could continue to watch animals forever and found 20 pics of furry friends that prove how being clumsy and charming at the same time is possible.

1. “This is how she eats sometimes.”

Image Source: Via Stock_Bite / reddit

2. “Her first attempt at eating from a dish got a little messy.”

Image Source: orodruinx / reddit

3. “Not the first time I’ve seen him sleep like this.”

Image Source: Ostrantula / reddit


4. “Derp, watching us prepare her food”

Image Source: PinkneysAWet*** / reddit

5. “I told him not to get dirty while outside to potty. This is his ’Sorry mom, it was an accident’ face.”

Image Source: DecentestMama / reddit

6. It looks like nothing disturbs this cat.

Image Source: teR**leier / reddit

7. “There’s no way to take a serious selfie with him.”

Image Source: Louis83 / reddit

8. “I found a nice little snug.”

Image Source: CYBERSson / reddit

9. “I have no idea what my cat was doing, but it was funny.”

Image Source: JynxedDraca / reddit

10. “The 4 stages of my cat’s first catnip experience”

Image Source: turtlesallteway / reddit

11. “I thought he was stuck but no, he wanted to do this.”

Image Source: Jamoa / reddit

12. “This is what my cat does whenever I don’t share my snack with her.”

Image Source: Havens-Fluff-1025 / reddit

13. “She fell asleep holding a dirty sock in her mouth.”

Image Source: xPawreen / reddit

14. “My clumsy chicken”

Image Source: KKPLN / reddit

15. “Dogs are weird. Mine especially.”

Image Source: Philamilapeed / reddit

16. “Something went wrong with this toy.”

Image Source: dbiryukovich / reddit

17. “My dog, before and after catching serious air on the freeway”

Image Source: thatgirlnicola / reddit

18. “I regret everything.”

Image Source: empcc / reddit

19. “My friend’s dog really likes ice cream.”

Image Source: Stencil_Horse / reddit

20. “Curiosity got Murphy the cat stuck in a coat sleeve.”

Image Source: mars-OG / reddit

What weird and clumsy things does your pet like to do? Do you have pictures of your pet being clumsy? Please share them with us!