15 Pics Showing That the Universe Also Has a Sense of Humor


Coincidences occur pretty often in our lives, proving that we do indeed live in a pretty small world. Actually, Cambridge University has a whole collection of them, which can make you wonder, “What were the chances?” For example, one family from Florida ran into their next-door neighbour when they were on a train station in Zurich, Switzerland, basically across the world.

We at Desihub found some examples of silly coincidences that prove the universe has a great sense of humour.

1. “Somehow ended up behind these 2 cars at the same location a couple of days apart.”

Image Source: duckduckbananas / Reddit

2. “This double rainbow by a Rainbow store”

Image Source:Unique_Plankton / Reddit

3. “The reflection in the mirror on this hotel check-in desk.”

Image Source:up9trees / Reddit


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