15 Pics Showing That the Universe Also Has a Sense of Humor


8. “Pretty pants”

Image Source: © modern_artifacts / Reddit

9. “I got a mosquito bite next to a tattoo and it made the letters swell up into 3D.”

Image Source: © tlaquepaque0 / Reddit

10. “A cat inside the office acting like a surveillance cat.”

Image Source: © Narendra_17 / Reddit

11. “A magpie moth blending in with the urban environment.”

Image Source: © emilner23 / Reddit

12. “This roof in Romania looks like Jabba the Hutt.”

Image Source: © KnifeSpoonPuppy / Reddit

13. “This deer responsibly crossing the street at its sign.”

Image Source: © Ambitus / Reddit

14. “The spilled yoke from my fried egg looks like a chick.”

Image Source: © KrispeePata / Reddit

15. “Smiling orchids”

Image Source: © cybosapien / Reddit


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