Beautiful Baby Girl Names That Have Been Forgotten Over The Years


There are so many unique names to give newborns, but with each decade, there are names that stand out from the rest. The popularity of baby names change along with the times, but it’s always fun to look back at names that were once the most popular and see how these reflect the cultural zeitgeist. Here are some lovely baby girl names that used to be the most popular names.

No matter how fast we try to make a mad dash for the future, there will always be a part of our past we simply cannot leave behind. After all, certain things — like classic baby names from a particular decade — are timeless and boast true staying power. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the names from the 1920s. They are classic, a little antique-y sounding, and have an old-school charm to them.

Curious to see which girl baby names made the cut? Let’s find out!


The little girl name of Georgia is one that has been forgotten but is actually slowly making a comeback. It is a classic name that has a little bit of a fun side. Your little Georgia can go by Gigi or Georgie for a cute nickname! You do not even have to be from the state of Georgia, or even from the United States to enjoy this adorable name.

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Georgia means farmer, but we think it has a more classier feel than that! We can picture your little Georgia dressed to the nines but also having a great time rolling around in the grass outside. A picture perfect little girl! The name was most popular in the 1940s, but is slowly coming back, so scoop this name up before it gets too popular and will never be forgotten about again!


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