Kylie Jenner says her mother Kris Jenner was ‘obviously hacked’ after momager begins praising Kim Kardashian in suspicious tweets: ‘She’s just the cutest and sweetest!’


Eyebrows were raised after Kris Jenner posted a series of suspicious tweets praising her child Kim Kardashian on Tuesday.

Image Source: kyliejenner instagram

In posts which do not appear to have actually been written by Kris, 66, the momager gushed about Kim’s intelligence and called her preferred kid. The tweets did not go unnoticed by her children, with Kylie, 24, insisting her account her been ‘certainly hacked’ while Khloe Kardashian, 37, joked Kris had really suggested to tweet about her. ‘I enjoy my daughter Kim the most! She’s simply the prettiest and sweetest!’

Kris tweeted on Tuesday evening. ‘Obviously hacked,’ Kylie published in response to the tweet. ‘You spelled Khloé incorrect,’ Khloe tweeted. A number of minutes later, Kris published another message raving about Kim’s intelligence.

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One person who wasn’t upset by the tweets was obviously Kim. ‘You are so good today mother! I didn’t even understand you had twitter but what a great surprise to see how you feel about me,’ Kim tweeted.



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