This Is the Rise of the Wedding Dresses Based on the DAD of the Bride


The iconic marital dramedy Daddy of the Bride-to-be is back on HBO this June with its 3rd adaptation. Like the previous versions, the film narrates the relationship between a daddy and his daughter throughout her wedding. In the movie, Billy (Andy Garcia) and Ingrid (Gloria Estefan) are a Cuban-American couple attempting to save their marital relationship. Sophie (Adria Arjona) is all set to get married and intends for the wedding to be a non-traditional one. Regrettably, her conventional father, Billy, is not supportive of the idea. The film has whatever going all out– major household drama, and some fashionable moments. Caroline Eselin, the movie’s costume designer, wished to recreate the Latin roots and culture of the household.

For the couple’s outfit, she especially wished to highlight their non-traditional design. In the film, Sophie wants her sibling Cora (Isabela Merced) to create her dress that should have silk stripes, a square neckline, and puff sleeves with a white belt. The gown would reflect the design of Sophie however the individual proficiency of Cora. The stripes in the gown are a tribute to Miami. In contrast, Annie Banks (Kimberly Williams) in the previous variation of the motion picture highlights the tradition instead of her uniqueness. She went for a traditional and romantic appearance, while Sophie had a cutting edge and modern-day appearance.

The Bridal Party Dresses In the movie, Cora develops the dresses of the entire bridal party. Sophie’s bridesmaids all wear blue gowns. They represent the famous pop art of Miami. Nevertheless, they do not all have the exact same appearance, as two members adorn two-piece sets with cropped tops. In 1991, all the bridesmaids wore the same gown with long sleeves and bows on the back. Annie’s bridal party looks modest and conventional, while Sophie’s looks are styled to be fresh and modern. In the present adaptation, Billy, the Bride-to-be’s father, uses a white dinner jacket and tuxedo trousers. He sets a black bow tie and a tropical pocket square. He’s an architect in Miami and integrates modern-day beauty with standard Cuban sense. In the 1991 variation, George Banks (Steven Martin) wore a black tuxedo, a bow tie, and a white flower boutonniere. His appearance was more traditional, while Billy’s suave Miami look shows that the daddies of the bride-to-bes are wearing different designs depending on their personalities, the requirement based on the circumstance, and the contemporary custom.

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