Health Insurance Options for International Students in Australia”

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement for international students studying in Australia. The Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) provides medical and hospital insurance coverage while studying in Australia. Here are some options for international students:

1. **OSHC Providers**: There are several approved providers of OSHC in Australia, including:

– Australian Health Management (ahm)
– Allianz Global Assistance (subcontracted by Medibank)
– nib OSHC
– Medibank Private
– Bupa Australia

2. **Coverage**: OSHC typically covers the cost of visits to doctors, specialists, and hospitals, as well as emergency ambulance services and some prescription medicines. However, coverage varies depending on the provider and the level of insurance chosen.

3. **Duration of Coverage**: OSHC must be purchased for the duration of the student visa. It is generally advisable to purchase OSHC before arriving in Australia, and the policy should be maintained for the entire duration of the student visa.

4. **Family Coverage**: Some OSHC providers offer family policies, which allow international students to cover their spouse and dependent children under the same insurance policy.

5. **Additional Coverage**: International students may also consider purchasing additional insurance coverage for services not included in OSHC, such as dental, optical, or mental health services.

6. **Comparison and Costs**: It’s essential for international students to compare OSHC providers and policies to find the coverage that best suits their needs and budget. Costs for OSHC vary depending on factors such as the duration of study, level of coverage, and provider.

7. **Visa Requirement**: International students must have OSHC for the entire duration of their student visa. It’s important to ensure that the OSHC policy meets the requirements set by the Department of Home Affairs.

Before purchasing OSHC, international students should carefully read the policy documents and understand what is covered, any exclusions, waiting periods, and how to make claims. Additionally, universities and colleges often provide guidance and assistance in arranging OSHC for their international students.

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